Our Commitment To Innovation Spans Construction, Systems Design, And Automation, Using Advanced Technologies And Techniques To Lead The Way In This Emerging Market.

The Hydroponics System

Hydroponics is a complex science involving the growing of plants in water.

This system uses Organic based fertiliser being added to the water, which is then broken down by nitrifying bacteria that are then utilized by the plants as nutrients.

The water is then recirculated back through the Hydroponics System, establishing a clean closed-looped environment. 

Our Farms

We Are Working With A Number Of Farms Throughout Australia. 

Each Facility Will Be Or Is Already Powered By Cutting Edge Technology To Maximize Efficiency, Quality, And Sustainability.

They Will Be Retrofitted With State Of The Art Equipment And Technology As Required To Ensure The Best Quality And Environmental Standards Are Being Achieved.

Use of Technology and Artificial Intelligence

By using state of the art technology and Artificial Intelligence, we have developed a system, that enables us to remotely monitor and fine-tune environmental parameters within the production farm.

This boosts productivity, maintains the health of the environment for the plants, saves on energy, and acts as smart security system.

We are also developing an automated harvesting and processing system to maximise the crop yield and ensure the quality of the harvested product and plant powder produced.