We Pride Ourselves In Being Responsible For Ensuring What We Feed Our Bodies And The Earth Doesn’t Causes Any Harm To Either.  

Water Lentils Offers A Sustainable And Zero Carbon Footprint Solution To provide The Best Natural Plant Protein.

Rapid Growth

Water Lentils are virtual “photosynthesis factories” because the leaves multiply vegetatively every 24 to 48 hours in natural sunlight (Doubling it’s mass).  

Minimum Waste

We use 100% of the Water Lentils that are harvest.  
Water is being recycled, the amount of waste created is virtually non existent.

Water Efficiency

Because of the water lentils rapid growth the ponds are continually covered reducing evaporation.
Adding recycling to this process, reduces water usage to a minimum, giving us the perfect farm. 

Low Energy Use

Mother Nature is contributing with photosynthesis.
We have Installed solar panels as a source of energy to power and run the farm.
Creating a fully self-sustained and Eco Friendly Environment.

The Natural Hydroponics System

Our Hydroponics System combined with the recycling of the water, establishes a closed-loop Eco-Friendly System.

100% Organic and 100% Sustainable .

Removing Carbon From The Environment

Our Farms have a zero carbon footprint and use less water than our field based farming competitors.

We remove 3 tons of carbon from the environment for every 1 ton of Water Lentils produced.

We don’t accept any other business practices other than sustainability and positive environmental contributions.